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ADD SOME SPECIAL EFFECT to your message.

There's enough expressionless advertising.


Relief articles are very special, breathtaking advertising media.

For more than 10 years, Double B. has been supplying these relief-shaped 3D advertising articles of a special kind. Whether as a poster, wobbler, display top sign, anatomical model, shelf panel, table display or stopper. Relief articles are always an eye-catcher.


We support our customers from the initial brainstorming to the finished product.

Thanks to thermoformable foils with a special recipe that have been specially developed for us as well as the use of optimized, high-quality printing processes, it is possible to achieve the desired optical impression that is deceptively real. Let yourself be inspired!

The artfully handcrafted tools and years of know-how make every relief product unique.

We have a large capacity of all the necessary machines to be able to deliver quickly and flexibly. Assembly work, foaming or welding are also carried out in-house.


Contact us. We are looking forward to it,

let the image of your product become vivid.

relief / 3d



display parts

such as toppers,

ceiling hangers,

shop window noses


with a haptical 3D effect

relief / 3d


placards / posters


business cards


with a haptical 3D effect

relief / 3d

stopper & wobbler



shelf rails


with haptical 3-D effect

relief / 3d


illuminated signs & light boxes

vending machine fronts

remote sensing

products with a secondary use


with haptical 3D effect

relief 3d DISPLAYS

Excellent displays can be produced with these wonderful thermoforming plastic materials.

Both counter displays or cash trays (the body is made entirely of relief foils), or floor displays in which partial reliefs are used. Thanks to the haptical relief surface with a perfectly matching print motif, materials such as stone, wood or gravel can be displayed true to nature and deceptively real.


For this purpose, the foil material can be stabilized by foaming it so that it becomes load-bearing.

Ceiling hangers, sidewalk displays, shop window noses are other perfect areas of application for these impressive deep-drawn works of art.


A relief poster lets your advertising message

become plastic!


The thermoforming, which is perfectly matched to the high-resolution printed motif, creates a sensationally realistic impression of the image.

A relief poster lasts forever and is stored for a long time. The fans of your product and followers of your brand will thank you.


The high-quality base material and the optional coating with various protective varnishes allow the colors to shine perfectly for a long time and ensure that the motif is highly scratch-resistant.


No matter whether on a shelf rail, a stopper or a wobbler - with a product replica as a haptical relief, you create a lasting impression and increase the impulse purchases of your product.


Try it out, we will develop your shelf advertising material and, at the crucial moment, let a realistic product or logo replica appear in your customer's field of vision.

Stopper & Wobbler
relief inspiration

With our further developed production technology, many innovative ideas can be implemented.


We are able to use translucent or transparent base material.

This makes our reliefs perfect advertising media

for neon advertising, illuminated advertising signs,

light boxes, machine fronts and remote recognition.

Ideal for industries such as beverages, gastronomy, automotive and food retail.


Further wow effects can be achieved through practical secondary uses. Regardless of whether as a clock, tissue box, or equipped with other secondary uses, our relief products can have a practical use if you wish it.

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